Do you miss summer? Do you want to try something new and experience some winter sun? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place! We have the top 5 destinations to visit this winter and stock up on vitamin D!

1. Gambia
A tiny country in Africa with so much to offer. Gambia has astonishing nature views and long warm beaches where you can enjoy a tasty cocktail this winter. The daytime temperatures during the “cold” months are around 20-30˚ C. The sun and beaches may lure you in, but once you go deep into nature you will not want to come back. The amazing wildlife, rivers and plants will stay in your memories forever.
2. Morocco
Winter is one of the best times to visit Morocco as it is not packed full of tourists and the flights are quite cheaper! The beautiful architecture and warm weather are enough to keep you busy during your break, but the destinations have so much more in store for the passionate traveller. Enjoy a day of exploring their cuisine and traditions, spending time in a traditional Moroccan home.
3. Dubai
One of the most famous warm destinations without a doubt is Dubai. In winter, however, it is not as humid as it is during the summer months, making it the perfect destination for winter sun. The choice of hotels is endless, but be aware of the process of food and shopping.
4. The Maldives
A great year-round destination with so many possibilities. The Maldives is also a very popular choice for tourists, therefore visiting it during the winter season is the most reasonable. The weather here is sunny and warm and you can enjoy the amazing beaches and islands with one of the most mesmerizing views in the world. If you are into swimming and interesting activities go snorkelling or diving and explore the underwater wildlife.
5. Sri Lanka
The bright-green beauty of Sri Lanka can offer an unforgettable morning view, which you can’t get anywhere else during winter. The warm weather would keep you energized and prepared for the amazing activities this wonderful place can offer you. Get up-close with the elephants, take pictures of the beautiful nature and visit the tea empire for an extraordinary winter fun.
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