1. Costa Rica
If you love winter sun, then Costa Rica is a good option for you. In January the temperatures are high and there is little rain. Costa Rica is actually the world’s number one ecotourism destination, making it perfect for all of the eco-friendly tourists. The amazing wildlife is also one of the main reasons for this place to make it to the list. The country has a lot to offer in terms of hiking and sightseeing too. There is a large number of volcanos.

2. Thailand
Another beautiful location with the perfect weather for summer lovers. The beaches are amazing and the local activities will help you to enjoy the beautiful weather while also having a great time. You can also visit the Grand Palace in Bankok, which is one of their main attractions and is definitely worth seeing. Relax and forget about you worries with the help of an authentic Thai massage – voted one of the best ones in the world. Another amazing activity that we recommend is to visit one of their floating markets. Using a boat to go up and down the market and choose from amazing native goods is without a doubt an unforgettable experience.

3. Saint Petersburg
A completely different experience as opposed to the previous two, but without a doubt – one for the books. The negative temperatures and beautiful white snow will transfer you into a Russian fairy-tale while walking around one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Saint Petersburg has a lot to offer to their tourists starting with the one of a kind architecture. Visit their amazing palaces, churches and museums – you will not regret it.

4. Ethiopia
Another destination with a colder climate for those of you seeking a true winter experience. A very unique country with many traditions that you will fall in love with. Start out by meeting the locals. A great way to experience their native lifestyle and ancient customs first hand. You can also visit the Simien Mountains National Park and have a look at the amazing wildlife. Last, but definitely not least, we recommend seeking out the holy waters of Lake Tana. This is the largest lake in Ethiopia and you can visit the old monasteries there.

5. Barbados
The astonishing capital has so much more to offer than sun and beaches, so put on your backpack and stroll around the streets. You can explore St. Nicholas Abbey, Bridgetown, Garrison Savannah Area and many more. Chat with the local fisherman, visit some of their pubs to drink rum and explore the unique flowers at Hunte’s Gardens. You can also gather some sunlight strolling down the beach.


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