Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday. And every location can be romantic as long as you have your loved one with you. Don’t be boring, don’t choose a predictable and commercial place where every other couple would go to. Why don’t you try something different and explore a new, unique destination, which would make this holiday more memorable? If you are up for it – we’ve got your back! Here are some of the activities you can do while at Kiev. Read the post and head to: and get your tickets now – starting from £65 return!

1. Visit the Pejzazna alley

Have a romantic walk down the whimsical Pejzazna alley, which looks like a magical zoo filled with mosaic animals. There you can see 30 m statues of a cat, zebras, elephant fountains and more.

2. Try traditional Ukrainian street food

The country has many interesting traditional dishes, which you have probably never tried before. But restaurants aren’t the only place where you can try them. Head to Kyivska Perepichka, which is one of their most famous street food courts, where you can experience their unique traditional food.

3. Experience their nightlife

Ukrainians really enjoy their nightlife and always have fun things planned. Go to a bar or nightclub and see how they like to celebrate at night.

4. Stroll down some of their beautiful parks

The capital has many beautiful green parks for you to walk through and enjoy. Spend one of your afternoons walking around the park alleys and enjoying nature.

5. Visit Lover’s bridge

On the 14th you can visit one of their main attractions for couples – the Lover’s Bridge. Surrounded by beautiful nature, this attraction is perfect for Valentine’s Day. You can even secure your love with a padlock.

6. Visit their national museums and cathedrals

Spent time learning about their interesting history by visiting some of their museums like the Chernobyl museum, the museum of one street, the museums of miniatures and many others. You can use your time there not only to have fun, but also learn something new. The St. Sophia Cathedral is a remarkable architectural landmark, which is part of Unesco’s World Heritage list. It Is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cathedrals there is and it is the number one most interesting tourist attraction in Kiev.


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