Looking for the perfect destination to head to this Christmas? If you want to do something different this year – check out this list with the top 5 Christmas destinations in Europe and book your flight and ticket now!

1. Switzerland
Switzerland is one of the most festive countries in Europe. The weeks prior to Christmas the whole country becomes even more magical. If you want a beautiful snowy winter, then Switzerland is the right choice for you. Here are some of the most festive things you can do there:
• Go skiing
• Go ice-skating
• Visit a Christmas market
• Try some festive drinks
• Visit an Igloo village
• Have a winter walk enjoying the amazing Switzerland nature

2. Prague, the Czech Republic
Prague is a city, which you can visit during each season and still be amazed. During winter, however, it is extraordinary. The cold weather, the sparkling lights and the delicious Christmas food would give you an unforgettable experience filled with festive cheer. Here is what we recommend for you:
• Buy some presents at the Christmas market
• Visit Nativity Scenes and the Procession of Three Kings
• Visit their amazing museums
• Watch the beautiful winter landscape from the window of a cosy local café
• Spend some time with the animals at Prague’s zoo
• Go sightseeing
• Go on a castle tour

3. Berlin, Germany
If you love a beautiful white Christmas, then Berlin would be a good choice for you. Snow is an inseparable part of winter in Berlin and is sure to make you feel festive during the whole trip. If you believe that this is the place for you, then this is what we recommend:
• Visit Berlin’s Botanical garden
• Go to the funfair
• Experience some delicious chocolate and sweets
• Visit the Christmas markets

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Whether you choose to travel with your partner, your whole family or just with a couple of friends, Amsterdam has plenty to offer around the holidays. Enjoy the beautiful and unique architecture, while celebrating with these festive activities:
• Visit the Amsterdam Light Festival
• Go ice-skating
• Enjoy their delicious holiday pastry
• Have a festive cruise in the canals
• Visit the World’s Biggest Swan Lake Ballet
• Go on a Christmas shopping spree
• Listen to their unique Christmas carols

5. Norway
Christmas fairy tale full of lights and traditions? If this is your dream then Norway is the best destination for you. Here is a list of some amazing festive activities:
• Try their amazing traditional food
• Visit their Christmas markets
• Enjoy their beautiful nature
• See the northern lights

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5 Best Christmas destinations in Europe for a Merry White Christmas

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